Terms & Conditions


The prints on sale on this Website are hi-res, digitally enhanced images taken from antique illustrations carefully selected out of a huge collection of books, all of them our property.
All the images undergo an exclusive process of restoration to:
– refresh the ink tracks of the engravings and the colors of the painted illustrations
– eliminate dust, defects, scratches, mold stains, pen and pencils sign and the yellowing of time,
– research and describe under each single illustration its significance, historical time and most relevant details (e.g. a chemical reaction, a craftwork of art…)
– resize the image to a size suited for printing without degrading in the least its details and quality.
After the refurbishing process some images are further enhanced with decorative titles (e.g. the taxonomical designation of a plant, etc.) or processed into a collage according to old times fashion.
All possible efforts are made to respect the original character of the images throughout the restoration and enhancement process.
Photos and exclusive processing by Luisa Fumi. © Luisa Fumi, all rights reserved. Original illustrations property of Luisa Fumi.


Our images are reproduced on silky heavy-weight matte paper of extremely bright rendition, whose smooth surface contributes to the high quality of the reproduction


We chose to offer you two framing options of quite different styles in order to make it easier to match them to all kinds of interiors. Your choice now:

– Rich brown painted wood (real, no plastic!), “important”, speckled, modern-looking but still moderately retro and grunge.

– Baroque, luxuriously shimmering gold frame of real wood. Though frequently seen in decorative and vintage style, this slim and sleek profile fits very well into a modern interior too.


The prices as shown include the German value-added tax.

Accepted payment forms

– PayPal – customer debit and credit cards are accepted
– direct bank transfer.
Product prices and shipping costs will be displayed individually in the order overview at checkout before the order is submitted.
The prices vary according to the print and frame size, and the shipping costs according to the parcel weight and the destination country. The overall prices are displayed
If you are ordering from a non-EU country, all possible additional charges (import taxes, customs duty etc.) shall be on you.

Delivery & Shipping

Upon reception of the payment the unframed prints are shipped within 2-3 working days, whereas due to internal logistics the framed prints are shipped usually in 7-8 days and in a maximum of 14 days.
Should we for any reason not be able to deliver within the specified terms, you shall be promptly informed and entitled to a free right of withdrawal.
Other than full refund of the payment, no further claim for compensation will be due to you.
You will be kept up to date about the delivery status through the shipment tracking option provided by the carrier. Due to previous unpleasant experiences no-tracking shipments will not be taken into consideration.

Important points:

You may use the purchased images privately as you like – as a decoration, as a present… you name it.
However you purchase the image but not its copyright, which remains ours.
While you may NOT:
– use the images for logos, trademarks, or service brands,
– make the images available for separate download in a format that allows permanent storing or reuse,
– rescan, sublicense, resell or publish the image, unchanged or modified.

Refund policy

Oldtimer Prints grants full right of cancellation for a period of 14 days since you received your ordered items.
In order to exercise your right of cancellation you must inform Oldtimer Prints about your decision by post or by email. To meet the cancellation deadline you only need to notify us before the cancellation period expires.
Once you request the cancellation of your order you shall return the product in its original packaging within 14 days from the notification, together with a receipt or proof of purchase.
The returned product shall be shipped at your expenses to:

Oldtimer Print
c/o Luisa Fumi
Angerlweg 6
85748 Garching – Germany

Full refund will promptly follow. A few lines with the reasons for your decision of returning the product, though not mandatory, will be greatly appreciated.
Should any question arise about the above, please feel free to ask us, we’ll be glad to be of help.