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New high-res digitally enhanced images, taken from antique illustrations carefully selected out of a huge collection of books – all of them our property – elaborated with an exclusive process of restoration.

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With more than 500 botanical images under our belt we plan to choose the best ones and offer them as prints here. Are you interested? Please, look at the specimen in our ‘sister’ stock website If you find there something you would like to buy as a print to hang framed to your wall, don’t hesitate to copy the picture page URL and email it to us. You can do it in the specific section on the same page or also here.
We’ll prepare at Oldtimer Prints a corresponding page in our Botanical Garden with the framing and format options without any obligation for you, no strings attached 🙂 and we will NOT use your email address for any other purpose than to inform you as soon as the page is ready (it won’t take long 😉 )



Of course you may pin to the wall a picture of your liking – and call it a poster.
Yet most of the times you may wish a better match between the picture and the style of your living room: the best way to get it is a frame.
It acts as a sort of interface between the room and the picture: the frame matches the room, the picture matches your taste, and both match each other very well.

Having a picture properly framed can be pretty expensive though, which is why we found a way to do it for you at a much more convenient price and still keep the quality of materials and workmanship to a gorgeous level.
How? Well… that’s a little secret we’re indecently proud of 🙂 Don’t ask, enjoy!